Welcome to the website of the Bahá’í community of Greater Little Rock, which includes Pulaski, Saline, Lonoke and Faulkner counties!

We are a faith community focused on building a just, peaceful and sustainable world through community and spiritual development. The central theme of the Bahá’í Faith is that humanity is one single race – the human race – and that the day has come for humanity’s unification into one global society. Bahá’ís believe in

•  the oneness of humanity
•  the common origin and unity of purpose of all world religions
•  the harmony of science and religion
•  equality of women and men
•  the elimination of all forms of prejudice
•  a spiritual solution to economic problems
•  the establishment of a world commonwealth of nations

Bahá’í activities for adults, youth and children are open to all. We welcome you to join us in a path of service and collective learning about the process of spiritual community building!

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